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Looking for the best seafood restaurant in Waikiki?

Then you’re in the right place!

Waikiki, known for its stunning beaches and luxury shopping, is also home to some of the best seafood restaurants in the region. 

Here, the fusion of local Hawaiian flavors with Asian culinary traditions creates an unforgettable seafood experience. 

Whether you’re craving an elegant, fine-dining atmosphere or a laid-back, casual eatery by the sea, Waikiki’s seafood scene caters to all tastes and occasions. 

The area’s commitment to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients ensures that each dish is not only a delight to the palate but also a true representation of the island’s diverse and vibrant culinary culture. 

With an array of choices ranging from high-end seafood establishments to charming beachside shacks, Waikiki is undoubtedly a paradise for seafood enthusiasts.

The Allure of Waikiki’s Seafood Scene

The seafood in Waikiki is renowned for its freshness and quality, with many restaurants sourcing their fish locally. 

This ensures that guests enjoy seafood at its peak flavor, often caught the same day it’s served. 

The local cuisine is heavily influenced by the island’s cultural diversity, particularly Asian flavors, which add an exotic twist to traditional Hawaiian seafood dishes.

seafood restaurant waikiki

#1 Seafood Restaurant Waikiki: SKY Waikiki/Raw & Bar $$$

SKY Waikiki | Raw & Bar, a top seafood restaurant in Waikiki, offers more than just dining. 

This venue is known for its fresh seafood and breathtaking Waikiki views. 

It’s a fusion of luxury and taste, making it a standout seafood restaurant in Waikiki. 

Perfect for special occasions, SKY Waikiki provides an unmatched ambiance. 

Their menu, featuring exquisite seafood, elevates the Waikiki dining scene. 

This seafood restaurant in Waikiki is a must-visit for an upscale experience. 

Enjoy handcrafted cocktails and champagne here, with Waikiki’s beauty as your backdrop. 

SKY Waikiki | Raw & Bar exemplifies the best of Waikiki’s seafood offerings.

#2 Seafood Restaurant Waikiki: PESCA $$

Located atop the historic Ilikai Hotel, PESCA is a seafood restaurant in Waikiki known for spectacular Honolulu views. 

PESCA specializes in Mediterranean flavors, featuring globally-sourced fresh fish. 

This seafood restaurant in Waikiki combines culinary excellence with scenic beauty. 

PESCA’s menu and location make it a top Waikiki seafood choice. It’s a must for those seeking unique seafood in Waikiki. 

This Waikiki seafood restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience. 

PESCA Waikiki Beach Restaurant is a gem in Honolulu’s seafood scene.

seafood restaurant waikiki

#3 Seafood Restaurant Waikiki: Blue Ocean Seafood $

Blue Ocean Seafood & Steak offers a relaxed seafood restaurant in Waikiki, perfect for families. 

Centrally located in Waikiki, it boasts outdoor seating for Hawaiian sky dining. 

This seafood restaurant in Waikiki is ideal for tourists and locals alike. 

Blue Ocean offers convenience with its personal parking garage. 

Enjoy casual, family-friendly dining at this Waikiki seafood spot. 

Blue Ocean Seafood & Steak brings ease to dining in Waikiki.

 Experience the heart of Waikiki at this welcoming seafood restaurant. 

Blue Ocean is a top choice for seafood in Waikiki’s bustling center.

Looking for more dining options in Waikiki? Check out our guide on Cheap Eats Waikiki.

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#4 Seafood Restaurant Waikiki: The Seaside $

The Seaside in Waikiki offers a true taste of local seafood favorites. 

Popular with both locals and tourists, this seafood restaurant in Waikiki is known for its wide range of seafood dishes. 

Experience a quintessential Waikiki dining atmosphere at The Seaside. 

Enjoy their excellent wine bars along with varied seafood options. 

The Seaside is a go-to for an authentic Waikiki seafood experience. 

Discover why this Waikiki seafood restaurant is a top choice. 

The Seaside exemplifies the best in Waikiki’s seafood dining. 

Unique Seafood Dishes to Try in Waikiki

In Waikiki, the seafood scene is a tapestry of flavors, deeply embedded in the island’s culture. 

Among the must-try dishes, Hawaiian poke stands out. 

This seafood restaurant Waikiki staple is not just food; it’s a cultural icon. 

Made with cubed raw fish, usually tuna, it’s seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, and often embellished with green onions, seaweed, and kukui nut. 

Poke, in Waikiki’s seafood restaurants, showcases the blend of traditional Hawaiian and Asian influences.

Another gem is the luau leaf-wrapped fish. 

In this traditional Hawaiian preparation, fish is wrapped in taro or ti leaves and steamed. 

This method infuses the fish with a unique, earthy flavor, a true delight at any seafood restaurant in Waikiki. 

It’s not just a dish; it’s a journey into Hawaii’s culinary history. 

Seafood lovers in Waikiki should not miss this authentic experience.

Additionally, the seafood restaurants in Waikiki offer a range of other unique dishes. 

seafood restaurant waikiki

The garlic shrimp, a popular choice, features succulent shrimp sautéed in a rich, garlicky sauce. 

Often served with rice, this dish is a simple yet flavorful testament to the island’s love for seafood.

It’s a common sight and favorite in many a seafood restaurant in Waikiki.

For a truly luxurious experience, savor the lobster tails found in upscale seafood restaurants in Waikiki. 

Often grilled or broiled to perfection, these lobster tails are served with butter and lemon, highlighting the seafood’s natural flavors. 

It’s a dish that combines the island’s freshest catch with a touch of elegance, a hallmark of fine dining in Waikiki.

Crab lovers will rejoice in the variety of crab dishes available. 

From the soft-shell crab to the king crab, these are prepared in numerous ways. 

Whether it’s a crab salad or a hearty crab curry, each seafood restaurant in Waikiki has its unique take on this seafood delicacy.

Another local favorite is the grilled mahi-mahi. 

Known for its firm texture and mild flavor, this fish is a staple in many seafood restaurants in Waikiki. 

Often marinated and grilled, it’s served with a side of tropical salsa or a creamy sauce, making for a flavorful and satisfying meal.

Oysters, too, are a significant part of the seafood landscape in Waikiki. 

Served raw, grilled, or fried, they offer a taste of the ocean like no other. 

Many seafood restaurants in Waikiki pride themselves on their selection of oysters, each with its distinct flavor profile.

Seafood restaurants in Waikiki also cater to those who enjoy fusion dishes. 

Here, you’ll find creative combinations like the wasabi-infused fish or the tempura-style seafood, marrying Hawaiian flavors with Japanese techniques. 

These dishes reflect Waikiki’s diverse culinary scene and are a testament to the creativity of local chefs.

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Combining Seafood Dining with Waikiki Experiences

In Waikiki, dining at a seafood restaurant is not just a meal; it’s an integral part of the island’s experience. 

Merging the best food in Oahu with Waikiki’s diverse attractions elevates the dining to a memorable adventure. 

Imagine spending your day on the sun-kissed sands of Waikiki Beach and then meandering to a nearby seafood restaurant as the day fades. 

The sunset’s colors enhance the flavors of your meal, blending nature’s beauty with culinary delight.

The experience of seafood dining in Waikiki extends to its unique setting. 

Many restaurants offer outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying a meal with ocean views or the city’s vibrant skyline. 

Whether it’s a romantic dinner beneath the stars or a fun family gathering, each seafood restaurant in Waikiki has its distinctive charm.

Timing your seafood dinner with a Hawaiian sunset creates an enchanting atmosphere. 

The sky’s changing hues add a magical touch to your dining experience, a hallmark of Waikiki’s seafood restaurants.

Cultural performances at many seafood restaurants in Waikiki enrich your dining experience. 

Enjoying your meal to the backdrop of Hawaiian hula dancers or live local music immerses you in the island’s culture, turning dinner into a celebration of Hawaiian traditions.

For those on a camper van adventure, the flexibility of dining in Waikiki is unmatched. 

Park your van near the beach and enjoy a casual seafood meal, or dress up for a more upscale dining experience after exploring the island. 

The variety of seafood restaurants in Waikiki caters to all, whether you’re living the van life or staying at a resort.

After exploring local boutiques or markets, a seafood meal is the perfect way to relax. 

Many seafood restaurants in Waikiki are conveniently situated near these shopping areas, making them great for a post-shopping dinner.

Combining a hike at Diamond Head Crater with a seafood meal is ideal for adventure seekers. 

The contrast between the day’s physical activity and the evening’s relaxed dining is incredibly satisfying.

Visiting the Waikiki Aquarium before a seafood dinner adds an educational dimension to your meal. 

Understanding the marine life of the Pacific enriches your appreciation for the seafood you’ll enjoy later.

For nightlife enthusiasts, Waikiki’s seafood restaurants transform into lively spots, offering a mix of great food and entertainment. 

It’s an excellent way to dive into Waikiki’s vibrant night scene.

Waikiki’s seafood scene is as diverse as it is delicious, offering something for everyone. 

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious dining experience or a casual meal by the beach, you’re sure to find a seafood restaurant that meets your needs. 

We encourage you to explore and enjoy the vast array of seafood options available in this vibrant Hawaiian neighborhood.


What are some must-try seafood dishes in Waikiki?

Hawaiian poke, grilled mahi-mahi, and luau leaf-wrapped fish are some of the must-try dishes.

Are there budget-friendly seafood restaurants in Waikiki?

Yes, Waikiki offers a range of seafood dining options, including several budget-friendly choices.

How does Hawaiian culture influence seafood cuisine in Waikiki?

Hawaiian culture significantly influences the seafood cuisine in Waikiki, especially in the use of local ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

Can I find vegetarian options in seafood restaurants in Waikiki?

Many seafood restaurants in Waikiki offer vegetarian options, catering to a variety of dietary preferences.

Are reservations recommended for popular seafood restaurants in Waikiki?

Yes, reservations are recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure you secure a table at popular seafood restaurants.

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